Who We Serve

Ad Tech Brands and Technology Start-ups

Every major company began as a start-up at one point. What led to their success? Maybe it was the leadership. Or the offering. Whatever the case, they couldn’t do it alone. They needed help.

Estella Media wants to see your ad tech offering succeed and grow. We have worked with ad tech and media brands in both a consultant and an advisor role for those who need guidance in any of the following areas:

  • Development of monetization strategies through paid media
  • How to sell to media planners, media buyers, and account teams within an advertising agency
  • How to work with advertising agencies to get repeat business
  • How to set yourself apart from the competition
  • Understanding of key marketing metrics associated with ROI that will lead to profitability and acquisition

Higher Education

Estella Media knows that there are many layers to the business of higher education. Not only does higher education have many elements to it, but it also has many constituents to satisfy. These constituents are not just the students themselves, but may also include the prospective, alumni, donors, parents, faculty and staff, among others. Keeping everyone happy in the higher education space is a juggling act.

From increasing yield rates, to expanding the donor pool within a university’s alumni base, to launching a new MOOC offering, Estella Media brings deep category experience and expertise to the table. No matter what the objective, we must reach the target wherever they are in their journey.