Case Study: Analyzing Data to Refine the Target Audience and Increase Marketing Cost Efficiency

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Situation Analysis:

A healthcare brand in its first year of business decided to invest in marketing in order to develop leads. As is the case with many startups, the investors were demanding and the marketing was inconsistent.

The brand made unresearched assumptions about who the target market actually was. Marketing efforts were catered to this audience. However, results were poor. They asked Estella Media for help.

The Solution: 

After conducting an audit of several data points, including marketing data, advertising data, competitor data, and data regarding the geographic footprint, we discovered that their audience did include the original target market, but only at a tertiary level. Our analysis of the data revealed that there were two other target markets that were even more interested in their offering. Our recommendation to them was to test supporting all three targets.
Our analysis also revealed that certain competitors’ activity was holding brand back from its full potential. One of these insights, in particular, was based on their messaging strategy. The creative team modified all of the messaging based on these insights: everything from emails to banner ads to videos to the website.
Finally, the analysis demonstrated that the brand could benefit from a native media placement for two of the target audiences.
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The Results:

Estella Media continued to work with the brand over a 6-month window. In that time, we continued to evaluate their data regularly, implemented some A/B testing and saw massive improvements.
Within 6 weeks of working with Estella Media, the brand saw a 37% overall increase in leads. The paid media campaign eCPL became 45% more efficient. The conversion rate on the leads generated increased significantly as well, thus exceeding their overall monthly lead generation goals by 28%.

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