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Case Study: Increasing CPG Sales With An Integrated Paid Media Campaign


A major “household name” CPG brand wanted to increase sales for its salad kit product in a major East Coast grocery store retailer. Sales were down significantly and they were in danger of losing the relationship with this retailer.

The client needed to do something drive in-store sales, and fast.


We developed a paid media campaign designed to surround the target audience and generate in-store sales. The media plan included a mix of powerful media channels: Connected TV, Streaming Audio, OOH, and Geofencing.

We developed a matrix of targeted data-driven segments, which represented those likely to buy this product, and those likely to shop at this retailer. We implemented this matrix on both Connected TV and Streaming Audio.

Billboards were placed at exits near retailer locations. Additionally, geofencing was added to each store in the 3-state footprint, and delivered a push notification to those shoppers as they approached the store. The geofencing creative offered the user a coupon. The campaign was monitored using a 3rd party measurement system.


A 2-month test resulted in a significant increase in overall sales. The ROI was $14.11, and the overall lift in sales was 15.51%.

Estella Media continued to work with the brand to fully launch the campaign after the test was concluded. The brand saw continuous success and was able to maintain its relationship with the retailer.