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Situation Analysis:

A major regional multi-media company had been in revenue decline for several years. As a local media company of its size and reputation, it had a significant amount of traffic from outside the market. In any given comScore research study, 70% of their traffic would come from outside the market, while another 30% would come from within their DMA. This presented a challenge to local sales reps who would be tasked with selling the digital content site to advertisers and advertising agencies within the market who were savvy enough to utilize comScore in their media decision-making process.

To that end, the struggle became: how to increase traffic to key sections of the site from within the DMA so that they could increase advertising revenue?

The Solution:

Using a display media buy, we were able to strategically place ads into contextually relevant content to users within the DMA. The creative was a display banner ad that had an RSS feed integration which pulled section-specific content from the website into the display banner unit. It had a continuously scrolling feed of stories that empowered the user to select any story they wished to read at that time.
A dynamic CPM pricing structure for the media allowed for testing and on-the-fly optimization that resulted in efficiencies that were higher than anticipated.
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The Results:

By building a display advertising campaign that focused on priority content sections within the site, we were able to increase overall traffic (page views) to the designated sections of the site by between 120%-176%, at efficiencies 66%-82% below initial projections.
These strategies increased revenue for the publication by 34% over the previous quarter, and 15% up from that same quarter in the previous year.

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