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Case Study: Reviving A Media Buy For A Healthcare Brand


A leading regional healthcare brand with locations 3 DMAs was starting to lose patients as market conditions were changing:

  • New competitors were entering the market, stealing share
  • These competitors were outspending this brand, which was causing them to lose awareness.

To make matters worse, the in-house team was implementing obsolete media strategies. The team was not up-to-date on current media trends and best practices, which was hurting the efficiency of their campaign.

All of these factors resulted in lower lead volume from online and phone calls. It needed to completely overhaul its approach to media planning and buying. The brand’s leadership team asked Estella Media for help.


Estella Media audited the brand’s current media buy. This audit identified missed opportunities to modernize the campaign for the client, such as:

  • Integrating its current broadcast and cable TV schedules with Connected TV, OTT, preroll, and online video, which adds reach and expands the potential of the brand’s video assets.
  • Converging terrestrial radio with streaming audio, on channels such as Spotify and Pandora.
  • Introducing conquesting strategies to thwart competitor progress.

By integrating these channels, they can surround the target audience in a more effective way, as research shows that media usage habits have shifted in recent years towards more digital channels. 

Additionally, Estella Media developed a more current tracking and measurement strategy, and built a custom dashboard to integrate all of its campaign data into one place.


Estella Media continued to work with the brand to optimize the campaign and monitor progress. In only 3 months after implementing this updated media plan, we were able to see a dramatic spike in results. 


  • A 3x lift in awareness
  • A 4x lift the # of leads acquired, and
  • A 14% increase over our projected goal # of patients established for the campaign