Situation Analysis:

Due to the changing landscape of higher education, universities are competing for students more than ever before. What used to be a straightforward process for attending college has become increasingly more complicated.
To make matters more complicated, urgency around deposit deadlines has decreased as students get courted by competing institutions for additional financial aid and other incentives. And new alternatives to traditional higher education are challenging the bottom line.
After seeing yield rates suffer for too long, one University decided to change direction in its approach to recruitment by investing in a paid advertising schedule with the hopes of enticing users to sign up.

The Solution: Audience Buying on Facebook to Reach Admits and their Parents

High school-aged students aren’t the only ones actively involved in the college selection process. Their parents are, too!
Using data received from the university’s admissions team, we were able to create a campaign specifically to only admitted students and their parents using custom audience targeting on Facebook. The campaign resulted in minimal waste, as we were able to reach only those with the most potential to submit a deposit, and their influencers.
Each custom audience member received advertisements with a message that was developed specifically with them in mind. These messages focused on three key areas of strength for the institution: dance, athletics and academics. Users were sent to a landing page welcoming them to the university, with a strong CTA to “Deposit now”.


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The Results: 

With the help of Estella Media, the University exceeded its goal Yield Rate of 10%.
The final Yield Rate was 14.04%, which was an increase of 29% above the original goal.
The overall deposit volume increased by 19.61% from the previous year.

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