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Data Auditing & Consulting

In order for marketing to be effective, brands need to invest in many strategies in order to get the results they need.

Some of these strategies may be handled in-house, or outsourced to an agency. Whatever the case, the brand will want to see the results of its marketing investments.

But managing and interpreting the data from each source can be overwhelming and time-consuming. What do the insights actually mean? Should someone be hired just to manage the data? What are the best tools for managing everything?

Data Auditing & Consulting


Estella Media helps brands manage their data and provide valuable insights for all marketing efforts with an “agnostic” eye.

These insights are from an “agnostic” viewpoint and provide a complement to what agencies and other 3rd parties are doing for the brand.

Think of this as a “watch dog” service that ensures that all marketing is working effectively. Are your agencies making the right recommendations? Are you spending the right amount on advertising? Is your brand’s full marketing potential being met? We can help you answer these questions.

Upon working with Estella Media, an initial audit of the brand’s marketing is conducted by your dedicated data consultant. We aggregate all of the necessary data sources and begin analyzing your data. Areas of improvement are identified and recommendations are made. Together with the brand, an action plan is developed. An ongoing reporting process will be established, which will include further recommendations for moving forward.

Estella Media has over 20 years of experience analyzing data for technology startups, media publishers, universities, healthcare, service-based businesses, QSR and B2B brands. How can we help you?

Data Auditing & Consulting

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