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The media industry is in massive transition. Thanks to changes in advertising technology, enhanced tracking capabilities, big data, and the influence of programmatic buying, we live in a world where we can make our media buys work harder for us than ever before. The job of a media planner and buyer gets harder with each passing year.

According to eMarketer, the US ad market projects digital media spending to increasingly dwarf that of traditional media. As we’ve been anticipating, digital ad revenue has finally surpassed that of TV and desktop combined. The fact that TV is no longer #1 in ad spending makes for a very telling story.

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Ad spending for digital in the US projects significant and steady increases for the foreseeable future. When estimating the % YoY increases for digital vs. the % YoY decreases for TV (or any other medium, for that matter), digital blows everyone away. But with digital being such a vast and complex category, where is all the money going?

Digital Ad Spending

For starters, Facebook and Google make up almost 60% of all digital spending. But programmatic has shown significant gains, as well. Programmatic ad spending has projected steady growth over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down as more and more media types hop on the bandwagon. Niche media opportunities continue to hop on board and round out the media planning and buying ecosystem. 

Facebook and Google Spending
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Paid media idiosyncracies such as these require the skill set of an experienced team. Senior level talent is what you need in order to navigate the complex mosaic of paid media. Don’t trust your paid media budget to just anyone.

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